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Real Estate Video Production

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The real estate video production niche is booming! More than ever before video production has become an integral part of real estate, most specifically, in the luxury real estate market. The luxury real estate market is quite impressive because if a realtor sells a $10 million dollar home, his or her commission can be, on average, $200,000 dollars! Thus, when a real estate agent gets a high-end listing, they will spend time and effort in marketing the property in the most luxurious possible way.



With the innovation of the drone and video cameras, realtors are coming more and more to video production companies to help them produce the most concise, and luxurious video of the property to showcase on their websites. It makes sense for realtors to use the professional services of companies like ours to capture the beauty and essence of the stunning properties they are trying to sell.

The people who are on the market for this luxurious homes, tend to be quite busy. After all, if you have $10 million dollars in the bank ready to be invested in a luxury property, you must be a very hard worker, and often busy with work related matters. Hence, getting a film production company to take a video of the property allows those very busy people to take a look at the property you’re trying to sell, without having to drive or fly down to the estate itself. Once they’ve seen the video and they are interested, then they are most likely to schedule an appointment to see the property.



With the fast paced development of the magnificent drone, smaller video production companies like mine (not like Paramount or Universal Studios) can get spectacular angles of these marvelous homes. Before, if you wanted to get such high angles a crew would need costly cranes that were often difficult to maneuver to the location. Sometimes a helicopter would be necessary as well.Helicopters are not only costly since they are often rented by the hour, the gasoline and pilot also added to the cost. A good drone that gets the job done can cost around $1,500 (sometimes more if you want the images to be sharper) and so many costs are saved. Thus, drone technology has allowed for aerial footage to be much more accessible to realtors.

If you’re interested in getting a video production company to film one of your real estate listings, we’re your crew! We have over 60 properties that we have shot in the past 6 months, and our customers have all be extremely satisfied with the results. For inquiries or a quote, please reach out through our contact form.