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Tips for Post-Production Success

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If you have completed the shooting of a video, and you are looking into post-production processes over the coming days and weeks, you may want to read up on some of the tips we have learned about video production and voiceovers. Contrary to popular belief, it is more than possible to “screw up” the final video product with poor quality post-production, even if the footage itself is fantastic. We have seen it with many television shows, movies, documentaries and news reports in the past, not to mention tons of business-related videos. Here are some tips that should help you avoid those issues.

  1. Use Voiceovers Carefully

It is tempting to fill your videos with voiceovers and narration, but an overuse of the technique can lead the video to feel a little too manufactured. Whether you are shooting a documentary, a business video or a television show, you may think a voiceover can really help engage the audience with the footage on an even deeper level. Voiceovers are also great for explaining scenes or ensuring your audience is not confused about what they are watching. But having a voiceover in every single scene can become exhausting for the audience. Instead of really watching your footage, everything ends up sounding more like a podcast or radio show. So make sure you pick and choose when to use voiceovers.

  1. Sometimes Reshoots Are Necessary

We can tend to think of post-production as a magic wand that can wave away any issues you may have had while filming. If there are some great scenes within the footage, but there are also some disjointed scenes that you think you can fix with post-production, you have to approach the situation carefully. Yes, post-production can “save” a ton of scenes and get rid of any little flaws you may have noticed in the raw footage. However, using post-production to fix every single issue is overkill. It can sometimes leave the final product in a disjointed and overly produced condition. It may be necessary for reshoots of certain scenes if you want to maintain the organic vibe and flow you were getting before the edits and production tweaks were made.

  1. Hire the Best

Trying to save money on post-production or voiceover services does not always make sense. If you are shooting a short business video, you will probably be fine. But if you are producing a major piece of content, you need high quality production services, or your final product will not appear high quality to your intended audience.